After she received bonuses ranging from $25,000 to $75,000, "Red Vine Squeezing" flight attendant Magic Johnson was sued for firing her.

Although Magic Johnson may have a bright smile, the man is actually a vilifier. Once, he let go of a flight attendant.

One of the best players in the game is likely Magic Johnson. He has a long list of achievements that clearly establishes him as one of the finest players in the game, 

Including five championships, numerous MVP honours, and more.

He is still a human being nevertheless. And everyone has weaknesses. Perhaps being a stickler is Magic's biggest shortcoming.  

He has specific preferences, so when he doesn't get things his way, it causes problems.

His period in LA, his successful businessman phase in the 1990s, and the middle of the 2000s all showed this. 

However, we are unaware of the fact that Magic's nitpicky behaviour was frequently the product of a poor temperament.

He once became so irate over a flight attendant's tardiness that he fired her! It was not well received by the stewardess, and she intended to sue him.