After Split from Kody she date for fun

By ;ramya

october 21,2022


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star of Sister Wives, has broken up with Kody Brown and is reentering the dating scene.

"She spoke. When it comes to planning and daily life, "everything's just a lot easier." 

Dating for sure, not romantic since things would move too quickly, she clarified. 

She said, "I'm just dating for pleasure." Since that's just who I am right now, I'm just keeping things really light. 

no longer desired Christine's intimacy, "Someone who's attracted to me would be a really amazing thing, I'm just saying." 

In November 2021, Christine, who has been married to Kody, 53, since 1994, revealed that she was divorcing him. 

"There must be some attraction. There must be chemistry between them. However, I adore the thought of one day falling in love. 

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