By Sandhya

November 3, 2022

Alibaba Cloud is becoming even more serverless as it attempts to become a utility. 

Alibaba Cloud launched its annual Apsara conference by declaring its aspiration to become "predictability," a service that provides an endless stream of computing resources for users to consume like electricity. 

He described a future where clouds are not tied to boring old constructs as representations of various virtual or physical machines.  

Instead, prospective customers  pay  for computing services  measured by metrics similar to kilowatts of power.  

Right now, Alibaba Cloud is expressing this idea of ​​making more of its current cloud SaaS products serverless. 

The cloud maker said it has already made 20 of its services serverless and plans to transition more of its offerings to work the same way.  

Another example of its ambitions is  Wuying Cloudbook, a thin client that connects to desktops as a service (DaaS) hosted on the Alibaba Cloud.  

The accompanying Wuying architecture routes your favorite applications and approved data to the DaaS platforms you rent. 

The demo video is also intended to show a Cloudbook user adjusting settings in Alibaba Cloud to change the specifications of the cloud computer  accessed through the laptop. 


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