Elon Musk broke his silence after 4 months of changing the name and gender of his daughter Vivian, 

 He said that he and his daughter were having a rift.

Elon shared his displeasure with his daughter about the gender change for the first time. 

 The relationship between the daughters is not good.

Elon said that the children make their own decisions as they grow up. 

Musk said that he has a very good relationship with his ex-wife and his eldest son 

He says that you can't keep good relations with everyone in the family but you can try to fix them in future.

 In the month of June, when Vivian spoke to Elon Musk about changing his name and gender 

 There was a rift in their relationship, Vivian said that his last name should be Wilson instead of Mast.

Why Elon Musk and his daughter Vivian are at altercation