Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's lawyers are meeting once more in court to try to resolve their cases before the verdict is rendered.

Johnny Depp's lawyers and Amber Heard's lawyers will meet again Friday to decide if they will continue their legal battle or settle the matter once and for all.

A jury rendered a verdict on June 1st that they had defamed one another. The verdict was heavily in Depp's favour. 

Heard was found to have proved his three claims and was awarded $15 million damages by the jury. 

The judge reduced this amount to $10 million for statutory reasons . Jurors awarded Depp $2 million in damages for her one claim against Heard.

Judge Penney Azcarate was the judge who supervised the trial but didn't enter any jury verdict into the docket.

She said instead that she would do it Friday unless both parties agree to a settlement.

Benjamin Chew, an attorney representing Depp suggested previously that a settlement might be possible. 

Chew suggested that Depp could agree to a settlement where he would waive monetary damages in exchange for Heard agreeing to not appeal the case.

Chew stated that although we can't reveal any attorney-client communications but Mr. Depp testified 

and both of us made it clear in our respective closings that this wasn't about money for Mr. Depp. He has done this to restore his reputation.

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