Another of Lacey Chabert's Hallmark leading men had a humorous response as she was busy promoting her new film Groundswell.

This summer will see a groundswell, but what about the Hallmark Christmas lineup?

In recent years, Lacey Chabert has dominated at Hallmark. She's one of the leading ladies to continue with the network and sign an exclusive deal, 

which is fortunate because she's already begun pitching projects like the trilogy The Wedding Veil. 

Her summertime Hawaii-set film Groundswell is next, about which we've recently discovered more.  

Chabert has been heavily promoting the film, as she should, as Groundswell looks stunning. 

But one of her Hallmark movie leading males doesn't want you to ignore another of her well-liked films. A Christmas-related hint

Groundswell will premiere on August 21. In the fresh, summery post, Chabert said she had a lovely time working with her co-star, Hallmark starring man Ektor Rivera.

Ektor's delighted to work with Lacey Chabert. He said it was "a genuine pleasure" to work with the famous mum.