Apple and WhatsApp disclosed the Google Messages.

– Apple and WhatsApp should be on the lookout for a nifty leaked Google Messages feature.

– With the release of iOS 16, a number of new features were added to Apple Messages, and it appears.

That Google may follow suit soon by making a number of important improvements to its  

– own Messages programme for Android smartphones.According to 

– some research by 9to5Google(opens in a new tab), there is code in the Messages app.

That is there but not yet activated, indicating that these capabilities are still under  

development and may be turned on soon. You'll be familiar with this feature if you've used 

– WhatsApp or iMessage; it's one of the updates that are reportedly in the works.  – Users should soon have the option to reply to messag

– with whatever emoji they choose.It's a little confusing for users, but that's something we've grown 

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