Arnie Grande's 'Wicked' role was 'overtaken' by Amanda Seyfried

If Ariana Grande really wants to switch positions, Amanda Seyfried is off the books and available for the movie "Bad."

Months after it was announced that the pop star had landed the role of Glinda in the upcoming film adaptation of the smash hit Broadway musical 

Seyfried revealed that she is also in the running for the role of the Good Witch of the South.

In a recent interview with Backstage, the actor stated he was honest about the character he auditioned for when filming Hulu's "The Dropout" 

She dreams she's still auditioning for "Wicked." "Last summer, while I played Elizabeth

I rehearsed on weekends to portray Glinda in the movie version of "Wicked" Yes, I played 'The Dropout's' final scene on Tuesday. Sunday's yours."

"I quit my hardest role ever. I also learned how far I've gone as a singer, which I wanted to prove," he said.

Since 'Les Miz,' I've wanted to improve.I must improve. I'm ready for musicals.