As the president's cat, Willow Biden has privilege With summer dogs, Willow manages a cat shelter.

On Friday, Willow's coffin was found by a White House employee based in Marine One, a presidential helicopter with a cat, along with President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden - Rehoboth, Delaware and family on the beach.

Whether a cat can appreciate the marine environment remains questionable, but for Willow, Rehoboth House is one of many landscape changes that he values ​​as a presidential pet.

"Willow has always spent a weekend with the First Family, including Rehoboth, Wilmington and Camp David," CNN spokesman Michael LaRosa said.

If she is not fired this week, Willow will have privileges on the White House tour. She was often confined to the private second and third floors of the White House residence, where, according to CNN Willow 

she especially enjoyed the solarium, a bright spot above South Port, where she "received a lot of attention 

In Wilmington and Camp David, "he always sat on the porch in the sun," LaRosa said.

Willow also enjoys visiting East Wing employees at home, relaxing in the press secretary's office, chasing their toys in and out of the offices, and scrubbing regularly.  

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