As the symptoms of COVID start to lessen, Biden claims to be "feeling wonderful."

President Biden said he was "feeling amazing" after his Covid-19 symptoms lessened, implying the ailment was simply a minor annoyance.

After participating in a video conference from the White House, he answered reporters' questions digitally "I slept through two nights.

"My dog woke me up this morning," he said, revealing his Covid loneliness. "My wife isn't home; she takes him out while I workout. Five to seven minutes, my dog's nose brushed my chest."

Continuing, "My voice is harsh despite feeling healthy. Biden's doctor said his symptoms were "almost vanished" after five days.

Dr. Kevin O'Connor wrote that the patient "reports some persisting nasal congestion and some hoarseness" O'Connor said Biden had a cough, sore throat, and aches during the weekend. 

Biden was observed clearing his throat and speaking gruff during a virtual conference on Friday.

Biden told reporters it was "normal," but the rasp lingered Monday.

Every night, the President says, he measures "everything, from my temperature to my blood oxygen to my pulse."