Astronomers nearly cry when they see NASA Webb Telescope's 'first light' image

Astronomers have begun receiving images from the James Webb Space Telescope nearly six months after it launched,

showing the far reaches of the universe.  A glimpse of some of these images has been provided by astronomers before NASA releases them.

"First light" images moved me as a scientist, an engineer, and a human being," said NASA deputy administrator Pam Melroy.

"First light" refers to a telescope used for the first time after it has been tested and calibrated.

In a Wednesday news conference, NASA's scientific programs leader said the images nearly moved him to tears.

“It’s really hard to not look at the universe in a new light and not just have a moment that is deeply personal,” he said.  “Seeing nature suddenly reveal its secrets is an emotional experience

I would like you to imagine and look forward to that.”  “Seeing nature suddenly reveal its secrets is an emotional experience.nto space on Christmas Day 2021