At Geno Auriemma's golf event all the conversation from UConn women's competitors is connected to improving for 2022-23

WEST HARTFORD — The UConn women's b-ball bunch gathered at the 20th yearly Geno for the Kids Charity golf rivalry at the Hartford Golf Club on Tuesday.

Lead mentor Geno Auriemma and players Ayanna Patterson and Aaliyah Edwards missed the event with non-COVID-19 illnesses, yet different players were there to discuss their offseasons and what lies ahead.

Following a year destroyed by wounds and COVID-19 meetings everything is making sense for the greater part the Huskies healthwise Still, the players think going through those fights, which supported their bond as total unit, will convey benefits in the season to come.

"All things considered, we're industrious," Paige Bueckers said. "Evina [Westbrook] and Aaliyah [Edwards] were the only ones in the gathering that played the whole season, each and every other individual missed a game or two, or a ton.  

Nonetheless, essentially the stick-to-itiveness that we all in all had and as of late the consistency and consistent quality that we as the need might have arisen to go through, I feel like nothing can break us 

"I feel like there's obviously a couple of things that can challenge us and there's things we need to fight through, yet I feel like if we are overall together I figure nothing can break us."

Bueckers, Azzi Fudd, Dorka Juhász, Aubrey Griffin, Nika Mühl and Caroline Ducharme all gave gives an account of their prosperity and how they're progressing through various recuperation processes.