At the wedding, I sang a new song. 

Were you at the wedding when I performed a new song? 

Jennifer Lopez can't get enough of Ben Affleck that is precisely the exact thing she told him with a routine she performed for her significant other during their wedding, and we have the video!!!

The verses are really warm  Jen's singing about enthusiasm, actually being enamoured and there's even an infectious snare, "Can't get enough." 

J Lo's doing everything in her wedding dress, and she's even got, reinforcement vocalists and artists!!!

J Lo assumed control over the dance floor at Ben's Georgia domain during their wedding festivity, 

getting the mic and playing out another tune while Ben sat alone in a seat only a couple of steps from the new Mrs Affleck. 

As far as concerns him, Ben truly appeared to partake in his fantastic view ... simply look at the caring look all over as he watches his lady of the hour swagger her stuff.