At Wimbledon, Serena Williams used KT Tape to help her sinuses

Serena Williams energized the games world on Tuesday with her re-visitation of Grand Slam tennis 

yet she appeared to be somewhat unique at the All England Club.

Williams played her most memorable singles match in a year during the initial round of Wimbledon, against No. 115 Harmony Tan. 

And keeping in mind that the strong tennis looked recognizable, Williams committed an excessive number of natural mistakes (54 to Tan's 28) 

And seemed exhausted as the match extended on — and on. More than three hours and 11 minutes,  

Williams and Tan went this way and that in a moment exemplary that at last boiled down to a third-set tiebreak, which the Frenchwoman Tan won, 10-7. 

During the match, Williams made a little buzz as she was seen wearing dark "stickers" all over.