The rape allegations against DeMario Jackson are costing him six figures in brand deals, according to his lawyer 

TMZ reports that he lost 10 deals worth $25,000 after being sued for sexual assault, leading brands to sever ties.

Since the BIP production shut down in 2017 because DeMario hooked up with Corinne Olympios in a swimming pool 

DJ says it's like his 2017 nightmare, unable to sleep and feeling trapped 

two women have used DeMario for forcing them into nonconsensual sex during dates with him, which both ended with nonconsensual sex.

DeMario's attorney, Walter Mosley Jr., LAPD already investigated the alleged incidents, proving DJ's innocence.

 DeMario maintained good relations with his accusers over the years, even planning to meet with them 

 after the trial police investigated This is what they claim. The lawsuit is called a shakedown. 

It's impossible to tell which brands are ducking for cover on DeMario's social media accounts, and his day job looks dicey.

BACHELOR'S STAR DEMARIO JACKSON Losing brand deals and money... Sexual assault suit