Battery replacement notification bug on AirPods Pro 2. 

By Asha

October 6,2022

Apple divulged the AirPods Genius (second Era) during the iPhone 14 occasion about a month ago.  

But the AirPods Expert 2 have an irritating notice bug that is cautioning purchasers to supplant the battery soon.  

The notices advise clients to supplant the batteries on either the "left," "right," or "Case." 

One issue with remote headphones is that they become futile once the battery's well-being begins corrupting.  

You should make a beeline for an Apple retail location and request battery administration.  

You'll need to do that with the AirPods Ace 2 in a couple of years.  

The AirPods and AirPods Expert are constructed so that they're almost difficult to fix yourself. 

Regardless of whether the "supplant battery" cautioning is genuine, you can't supplant the battery. Once the battery's well-being debases, there's no way to address the matter. 

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