1. Kelly Clarkson has had a busy week! 

The Outsiders' Tommy Howell Launches His Music Career by Examining the "Storytelling of Songwriting 

– According to Howell, "The words all flowed together effortlessly because it was all true and written out there before me," Howell tells PEOPLE.

1. Her fans are overjoyed that she is now back in action. 

For the 74th yearly Emmy Awards after the season 4 premiere of her talk show on daytime on Monday. 

Kelly showed off her beautiful appearance to her Followers on social media.  

She accessorised with a daring Chanel belt, a long black Gucci dress, and Bijoux Birks jewellery 

1. She complimented her spectacular makeup with lengthy, sleek hair. 

1. Fans pounced on the actress with supportive remarks and emojis.

Beginning of Tommy Howell's Musical Career