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The Outsiders' Tommy Howell Launches His Music Career by Examining the "Storytelling of Songwriting 

– According to Howell, "The words all flowed together effortlessly because it was all true and written out there before me," Howell tells PEOPLE.

Howell, 55, says in a recent interview with PEOPLE that it's strange how cemeteries affect your imagination, emotions, and head. "Your soul stray." 

– This pastMarch,actor-turned-singer-songwriter formerly known as C. 

– Thomas Howell visited Macon, Georgia, and ended up on the grounds of the Rose Hill Cemetery.

– The Allman Brothers Band's Duane and Gregg Allman, as well as many other well-known people.

On the day that war in Ukraine broke out, it was also illegal to advertise a luxury giveaway.

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