Billionaire Donated $15 Million Provide Glasses for Farmer

By priya

october 18,2022


image credit :google

Agricultural donation The donation kickstarts the $70 million Livelihoods in Focus strategic programme of VisionSpring,

which aims to generate more than $1 billion in additional income for artisan, tea, coffee, and cocoa workers by 2030.

Golden future of farmers and worker He further explained that our work is with this powerful support. 

Farmer's welfare  Our organization is making plans for them.  

What companies and NGOs need as well as many philanthropic investors who can think about the future of workers and farmers.

New initiative for workers  A new day, a fresh attempt by Mackenzie Scott to improve the world,The billionaire has given $15 million to help poor farmers get eyeglasses.

 It's the biggest donation ever made to aid with untreated hazy eyesight.

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