Bills head coach Jordan Poyer: 'I can't think of a better situation'

The Buffalo Bills and Jordan Poyer contract talks roll on. 

The All-Pro security spread the word about his sentiments this spring: He needs an expansion from the group.

Poyer didn't go to deliberate practices. Nonetheless, when compulsory minicamp camp started, Poyer fulfilled his part of the deal and appeared.

The two sides have demonstrated they believe he should stay in Buffalo 

Basically things actually appear to be enjoying a positive outlook at this point after the most recent update Poyer gave on his sentiments.

Poyer showed up on the Inside The Garage Podcast recently. His remarks emphatically showed precisely the way that he felt.

"I can't imagine what is happening for me to be in than Buffalo at the present time," Poyer said.

The 30-year-old talked about the amount it intended to be him to be completely separated of the circle back the Bills have had.