Bills’ Josh Allen Paying Price For Hurdling Chiefs DB

By priya

october 21,2022


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On the Buffalo Bills' game-winning drive, Josh Allen jumped over Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid, adding to his hurdling highlight reel. 

Look at the play more closely to see that Allen landed on his back and skidded over the grass. 

 He claimed to have a combat wound from the hurdle's landing when he appeared on the "Kyle Brandt's Basement" show on Tuesday. 

Allen smiled and continued, "I hopped over him (and) I got a large bruise on my butt." 

Allen recalled making eye contact with a cameraman immediately following the slide when he landed. 

 The landing left a bruise on his back, but he didn't even make a face to show how uncomfortable it was. 

Allen replied, "I don't know if anyone's figured out the camera perspective yet

Allen responded to Brandt's question about what it's like to vault over an NFL player

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By priya

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