Billy Eichner Discusses the George Clooney and Julia Roberts romantic comedy with His Brother

The all-LGBT+ cast of Bros, a brand-new type of rom-com starring Billy Eichner, will hit theatres this weekend 

Bros that the love story featuring George Clooney and Julia Roberts would never have to deal with. When it was announced that Julia Roberts and George Clooney  

Fans of rom-coms were thrilled to hear that Ticket to Paradise would mark Julia Roberts and George Clooney's comeback to the genre. 

In a recent interview with Variety about his work on the movie as a writer, actor, and executive producer, Billy Eichner talked on the unique concerns 

There is undeniable demand from studio bosses that it truly generates revenue because productions like Bros are venturing into uncharted terrain. 

Billy Eichner notes, this places a special strain on works like his upcoming romantic comedy from the last two years 

A cast that includes LGBTQ+ talent. Several well-known actors, including the legendary Harvey Firestein, the internet sensation TS Madison, Guillermo Diaz from