The DC Extended Universe's introduction of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam is rapidly approaching 

Dwayne Johnson, who plays Black Adam, teases the DCEU of a new antihero age,  

although this would merely serve to highlight the already presented, wasted antiheroes.

According to  Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam will usher in "a new antihero period" and trigger a change in tone for the DCEU.

As long as DC doesn't make the same mistakes as in the past, Black Adam might be the beginning of a stronger, more cohesive cinematic world.

In comparison to several other related film franchises, the DCEU hasn't had the same amount of coordinated effort, attention, and planning.

As the franchise expanded its cinematic universe, it had trouble establishing a solid base.

Johnson, who is the project's actor and executive producer, seems to be all in with Black Adam.