17  0CTOBER 2022 

Iron Man Star Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr


Terrence Howard played the part that is now played by Don Cheadle in the MCU in the first Iron Man movie.

The incredibly successful MCU star Robert Downey Jr. appeared to have been the target of a number of allegations.

Although Downey Jr. refuted the accusations made against him, Howard did not completely let go of his resentment until much later.

Terrence Howard's character, Rhodey, said, "Next time, baby," in a scene from the first movie while inspecting the Mark II suit.

Numerous industry insiders claimed that Howard's harsh behavior was the main cause of Marvel Studios' change in attitude.

At first, the former Marvel Cinematic Universe actor received the highest salary of all the Iron Man actors.

Apparently, a three-picture contract had been reached between Marvel and Howard.

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