He used a special skin care oilwhich collecting from his ex-wife Angelinajolie’s vine yard 

They purchased Chateau Miraval ,a gigantic vine yard in the south of france after she gave birth to Le Domane 

He appointed to world famous specialists to invent which grape varieties with antioxident properties

The bullet train actor said to British vogue iam reading about the health properties of grapes skin 

We come back to the place [Miraval] . We make olive oil,truffies and honey without any fertile

But the behind a legal battle between the couple the two are divorced in 2015 

Brad and Angelina got married in the property after divorce it turned sour  

In 2021 ,Angelina sold the property to the spirit manufacturer Yuri Shelfer

Brad takes a decision to sue his ex-wfe over the un lawful sale of her stake

In July Los Angels judge denied brad team’s request to sharing business documents and correspondence with Angelina’s lawyers 

Angelina’s team tookthe documents from his ex- husband and his manager Mondo Bongo

The Celtics LaMarcus Aldridge or Dwight Howard.