Brett Favre has prediction for the way Raiders Davante Adams will perform without Aaron Rodger

Favre states that he'd be shocked If Adams experiences the same type of year as the one he had with Green Bay in 2021.

The Green Bay Packers managed to keep star player Aaron Rodgers in the fold in the offseason, however, 

they ended in trading Davante Adams away to the Las Vegas Raiders. Rodgers as well 

as Adams had been among the NFL's top dynamic duos for the past couple of years, and anchored an offense that won 13 games over three consecutive seasons.

How Rodgers will perform with out Adams as well as how Adams will perform without Rodgers are two of the biggest stories ahead of 2022's season. 

Packers legendary Brett Favre says his former team is likely to be fine However, for Adams expects 

him to move back from the 1,553-yard 11-touchdown performance he recorded in 2021.

Favre said you cannot substitute a player such as Adams However, he is of the opinion that Rodgers is able count upon Aaron Jones  

and A.J. Dillon on the ground as well as playing-action, and take his shots downfield.