BRETT FAVRE :There will be a drop-off from DAVANTE ADAMS ... Without Aaron Rodgers

On the off chance that you have Davante Adams in your dream group, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to sell high ... 

Because Brett Favre tells TMZ Sports he's expecting a drop-off from the wideout now that he's left Aaron Rodgers.

Favre made it clear it's no shade on Adams or Derek Carr - - the recipient's new QB in Las Vegas - - he just really accepts Rodgers made the 29-year-old that vastly improved.

"It's only difficult to change gears," Favre expressed, "particularly from a player as productive as Aaron Rodgers." 

Adams was a detail beast in Green Bay, especially this previous season ... at the point when he got 123 balls for 1,553 yards and 11 TDs.

Favre, however, is anticipating that that should change in 2022-23 after he was exchanged to the Raiders ... telling us, "I'd be stunned assuming that he had that very year."

"I think Derek Carr is an excellent quarterback," Brett said. "Be that as it may, he's not in Aaron's association yet. Might in all likelihood won't ever be. Furthermore, that is no lack of regard."