Britney Griner caged for five hours as trial could be a show trial

American b-ball star is managing drug sneaking punishments in Russia

The nonstop struggle in Ukraine is leaving Vladimir Putin and Russia in a truly irksome worldwide position,  

Brittney Griner's case is exemplary of how the European nation continues to participate in battles with its foes.

Having been put under investigation in Russia for the dissemination of medicine, fears don't fade that Griner will surpass the outcome of the show being a simple primer.

A long time spent in a Russian prison once Griner is got with weed oils in her things would be a catastrophe for US-Russian relations.

The essential day of the primer came on July 1, and it was noted by Griner's better half that the ball star was being treated in an unforgiving way.

In spite of the fact that Griner is 6ft 9in tall, she spent five hours on the court kneeling in a nook that is common in courts around the globe.

Right when she goes to court in a very, tiny nook with her knees bowed, feet up to the ground,