Britney Spears answers after learning from son Jayden the rationale behind his decision to skip her wedding. 

she has gained the freedom to start doing a variety of things, including releasing new songs. 

Since her father, Jamie Spears, canceled the 13-year conservatorship last November, Britney Spears has reclaimed authority over her life.

She still has a very strained relationship with her family. When her sons declined to attend her wedding and Jayden Federline, her youngest child, clarified why, Spears responded by adding words deeply.

She has always spoken warmly about them to the point that they are now the only members of her family outside of her new husband for whom she does have good comments. 

Jayden has since come forward and stated to a documentary producer that the boys have "no hate" towards their well-known mother. Even during the interview, which will appear on ITV in the UK today.

Spears has spoken to him on social media, as she has done frequently in the past year or so, and it appears that she has heard his remarks.

Spears has made it no secret that she disapproves of the behavior of both of her parents both before and after she was granted conservatorship.