Brittney Griner's wife claims that the scheduled call was never made because the embassy was not staffed

Brittney Griner, WNBA star, tried to call her husband nearly a dozen more times via the U.S Embassy in Russia  

on Saturday's fourth anniversary, but the line was down, Cherelle Griner reported Monday.

In the four months that have passed since Griner was arrested in Russia for drug-related charges, Griner and Griner have not spoken to each other by phone.  

This was about to change Saturday when the long-awaited call was finally made. 

The day passed without contact. Cherelle Griner was left to wonder why and to suspect that the Russian authorities were behind the delay.

She said that she had learned from her husband's lawyers that Brittney Griner had tried to call her 11 times in a time period of several hours. 

She dialed a number she was given at the U.S Embassy in Moscow. 

The couple were told that this number would be used to route the call to Cherelle Griner in Phoenix.  

The number at the embassy was unstaffed Saturday, so the calls went unanswered each time.

"I was distraught. I was hurt. Cherelle Griner, a reporter for The Associated Press, said that she was tired and was fed up. 

She described how the anniversary she was eagerly anticipating was turned into a time of tears. "I think I sent BG's agent a text and said, 

'I don’t want to speak to anyone. It will take me a while to gather my emotions and tell everyone that I am not available right now. It just knocked my out. "I wasn't well. I'm not well."

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