Bugeyed PuzzleSpot The Bugs Among The Bloom

Puzzle fans with "bug eyes" are swarming to a new optical illusion where the goal is to find the butterflies among the flowers.

The five butterflies are concealed in a flower bed in a bug hunt designed by Hungarian illusionist master Gergely Dudás, often known as the Dudolf. 

However, in this ocular exercise, it is difficult to tell the difference between the bugs and the blossoms. It's far more difficult than it appears 

In real life, when a butterfly's showy movements reveal them, this could appear to be a simple assignment 

Can't you see them yet? You need not worry, though, because Dudolf has given an answer key that will help viewers 

This and other optical illusions may appear to be meant as a fun diversion from the rigors of modern life,