Business Logic Behind Kanye West’s Parler Acquisition 

By priya

october 21,2022


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 Kanye West, who is now known legally as Ye, announced on Monday that he will purchase Parler, an alternative social media platform.

In a shocking decision that has sparked interest in the site as well as worry about the billionaire rapper's plans. 

However, the decision comes at a dangerous time for Parler, which has had months of stagnant usage.

One potential buyer called the asking price for the platform "wildly inflated" and expressed shock at the site's low daily active user count.

 According to a source acquainted with the site, there are now just 50,000 daily active users. 

 In the previous year, there were more overt indications that the business was struggling to make money.

The platform introduced DeepRedSky, an NFT marketplace, in March, but it has generally struggled to gain momentum.

 Trump's freshly created Truth Social platform has had difficulty attracting a large enough following due to his own personality.

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By priya

image credit:google