According to me, iPhone's auto macro mode is on par with James Corden, loud eaters, and people who don't pick up after their dogs. 

That is, it is amongst the most vexing stuff on the globe.

Owning a macro camera on a phone is incredibly beneficial. 

and this is one of the primary motivations why the iPhone 13 is ranked among the flagship smartphones.  

It's just the auto element that irritates me. In my encounter, the camera is far too interested in entering macro mode. 

And does so frequently even when the subject I want to photograph can still be concentrated on in non-macro mode.  

As a result, I'm constantly trying to press the button to turn the macro off when my iPhone gets a little too enthusiastic, which irritates me. 

Auto macro gets things right occasionally, but what I want is complete control rather than relying on the phone's auto characteristic. 

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