Can the Rock keep the DC world in check with 'Black Adam'? 

By ramya

october 18,2022


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The Rock might have demonstrated his abilities without a cape.

In many ways, the 6-foot-5, 260-pound actor had already become a superhero in his own right.

a shape-shifting demi-god, a monster capable of scaling buildings, and even a bulked-up tooth fairy. 

Johnson recently admitted, "I was always ready and eager to portray a superhero."  

"However, it has to feel good and be correct. 

 I had previously been asked regarding taking on the role of a handful of comic book superheroes, but I finally decided against it. 

They chose the appropriate actors to portray them in the conclusion. simply waited 

In "Black Adam," a beginning so smooth that it might as well be superfluous, the  

 stars have suddenly matched.

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