Candace's mother criticises Jojo Siwa. Cameron Bure: Bible quotations are "easy

Mistreat her child.Candace Cameron Bure's struggle with her daughter Jojo, 19, has enraged Jessalynn Siwa.

Monday, Jessalyn, 47, wrote on Instagram Stories, "It all boils down to how you treat others."True kindness goes a long way 

It's easy to spout a Bible verse when no one is looking," Jessalyn added, recalling Cameron Bure's answer to JoJo's criticism last month 

Cameron Bure took to Instagram Stories after calling the teen pop sensation the "rudest celebrity" she's ever met 

The former "Full House" star apologised, but JoJo later accused her of withholding "facts" about their red carpet encounter. 

Cameron Bure followed up with another verse."Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but consider others more precious than ourselves," it advised 

Jessalyn revealed details dating back to 2016, when Cameron Bure refused JoJo a photo