Captain America: Anthony Mackie defends Chris Evans

While Anthony Mackie will play Captain America in his own film, speculation about whether Chris Evans will rehash the role ... 

News about Mackie highlighting in a looming 'Boss America 4' flick surfaced for the ongoing week, with boss Julius Onah probably joined to organize.

This, clearly, comes intently following Mackie's Disney+ show - - which closes with him enduring the CA protect.

You'd feel that end - - which was made incredibly clear on the show, this after Evans' character, Steve Rogers, had recently passed the light close to the completion of 'Conclusive stage' 

would be really difficult to invalidate ... nevertheless, clearly, among specific fans, it is. Likewise, THR proposed that in a string.

CE himself seemed Saturday considering Evans' likely relationship with the new film and person,stating, "Sam Wilson is Captain America."

The clarification that is a serious matter ... it seems to shut down savages who, straight as of not long ago, aren't cool with the chance of Mackie carrying on as the ostensible godlike  

A dispute that has been maturing starting around 2019 when he was officially tapped as Chris Evans' substitution.