Celebrities taking part in Wimbledon 2022. Zara Tindall is the top of the fashion stakes during the 2nd day of the tournament. 

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Wimbledon offers more than provide grand slams and 199,000 servings of strawberries and cream.  

The world-renowned tennis event is famous for its fashion-conscious style inspiration , drawing an influence from Royals and celebrities too.

Following cancellations, lower attendance and a shortage of tickets in the last several years, we're looking for trendy  

and affordable clothes from the world of celebrities which we can purchase in the present and then put on for the coming seasons.

In a stylish manner the model listened to stylish cousins-in-law. Zara Tindall was spotted in her own pair of Castaner wedges  

which also Meghan Markle and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge have. Tindall paired the comfy wedge to her PS265 

lined Tiered shirtdress of Polo Ralph Lauren, a cross-body bag from Chanel and tortoiseshell glasses.