The Winx Adventure Season 2. Significant characters and minor ones are gone, here is a once-over of all.

Marco is the Air Pixie that drove the contingent against the Consumed Ones in Season 1.

Under the brain control of Sebastian, Andreas assaults Sky and Silvia during their main goal to safeguard Beatrix.

Sprout needs data on her genuine family, and Sebastian needs the Winged serpent Fire from inside Blossom.

Rosalind kills Headmistress Dowling toward the finish of Destiny: The Winx Adventure Season 1, yet in Season 2.

She shocks Sky, apparently killing him, to wipe out Sebastian's influence over Sprout.

Devin is gone after by a scrubber from the Domain Of Murkiness. Devin doesn't return until Episode 2.

it's conceivable that the stranglehold just took him out, yet Marco isn't seen again until the end of Season 2.