Charles Barkley, once hurled  man through window

By priya

october 19,2022


image credit :google

Draymond Green's punch on Jordan Poole is condemned by Charles Barkley, who once threw a man through a glass window.

 The Golden State Warriors are preparing to defend their championship, 

but since the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole punching incident, they have faced one of their hardest hurdles.

the biggest issue of his time as the team's head coach, according to Steve Kerr.

 Draymond just uploaded a clip to address the subject, describing it as one of his worst experiences. 

 The former DPOY was noticeably upset as he described how the footage of him punching Poole emerged when he was at home with his kids.

 As a result of Draymond's open admission on the scandal, social media and the audience were a-buzz. 

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Charles Barkley and his Warriors forward TNT teammates addressed the problem.

 Barkley thinks Draymond made a mistake by getting into altercations with supporters six times.

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