Cheating Scandal Rocks Ohio Fishing Tournament

 The Cleveland event incident is being looked at by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The Lake Erie Walleye Trail's Ohio fishing competition was rocked by a cheating scandal

when it was revealed that prize catches had been filled with lead weights and fish fillets.

 The five fish the winning team caught weighed in at 34 lbs. 

Altogether, significantly more than Fischer's prediction that they would weigh about 20 lbs.

The tournament's director, Jason Fischer, began to have doubts about the fishermen.

According to CNN, teams of fisherman compete to catch the five heaviest walleyes from Lake Erie,

And the anglers would have taken home $28,760 in prize money.

The prize money comes from the entrance fees for the competition, 

 The alleged cheaters have triumphed in a number of other Fischer-hosted events in recent months.

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