Chet Holmgren is highly praised by Victor Oladipo 

By ramya

october 18,2022


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 On JJ Redick's podcast, guard Victor Oladipo of the Miami Heat praised youngster,

Chet Holmgren of the Oklahoma City Thunder for his open runs earlier in the offseason. 

Oladipo took part in Holmgren's open runs throughout the summer before he sustained a Lisfranc injury that ended his season. 

Oladipo expressed his admiration for Holmgren's ability to focus on guys like Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant

Hearing this is both exciting for Thunder fans and a sobering reminder, 

They won't be able to witness Holmgren's long-term potential for at least a year while he recovers from his foot injury

If he makes good use of his length, you could pretty much go from one through four

The first is his ability to defend the rim, and the second is his obvious versatility

At that size, it's fairly amazing that he can pass and dribble. 

He had to guard Joel (Embiid) in one game, then in the subsequent game

Kevin Durant had to be protected, and he did so for all of their possessions. 

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