'Chris Hemsworth is done with Marvel' rumor debunked

While Thor: Love and Thunder is Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder's fourth presentation Marvel film, the film is in like manner a first in a long time.  

Notwithstanding the way that this is at whatever point swarms initially have seen Thor post-Avengers: Endgame; yet for Love and Thunder 

he's joined by an elegant company from various films and foundations and, incredibly, is as of now not the unmatched Thor 

Regardless, since this is the individual's fourth film, and he's one of the last extraordinary Avengers who's at this point powerful in the MCU, 

there have been requests concerning Thor's future pushing ahead.  

Moreover, there are as of now stories that Love and Thunder may be his last bow.

This speculation showed up at new levels while making ready to the film's introduction, Chris Hemsworth surrendered that Marvel's Love and Thunder "may be [his] last."