Chris Hemsworth says it was 'scaring' considering Natalie Portman to be Mighty Thor interestingly

Chris Hemsworth reviewed his response to seeing Natalie Portman dressed as Mighty Thor interestingly.

Hemsworth said he was scared and it was "a little cut to the inner self, however I immediately dealt with it." 

The two entertainers costar in the forthcoming Marvel film "Thor: Love and Thunder."

Chris Hemsworth got serious about his experience seeing "Thor: Love and Thunder" costar Natalie Portman's change into Mighty Thor interestingly.

"Threatening," Hemsworth told Variety at the Los Angeles debut of the film on Thursday 

"A little wound to the inner self, yet I immediately dealt with it and I was in stunningness of all that she had done one and off the screen. I'm such a fan.

Hemsworth and Portman repeat their jobs as Thor and Jane Foster, separately, in the impending fourth "Thor" film as a feature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)