Christine Truman: 'Watching Emma Raducanu brought back recollections'

A Wimbledon semi-finalist in 1957 matured 16, the 1959 French Open top dog glances back at her tennis life in another book

A year prior Emma Raducanu was centered around her A-levels. Most hopeful tennis players need to have a contingency plan.

A gifted junior, Raducanu was not being promoted as the following large thing even by those inside tennis.  

And afterward came Wimbledon, advancement wins and a sudden fourth-round leave that put her on the front pages, before that mind boggling, supernatural hurry to the US Open title.

While certain pieces of Raducanu's story are stunningly not the same as past times, Christine Truman finds reverberations. 

"Watching Emma Raducanu in 2021 making her Wimbledon debut as a 18-year-old young lady brought back recollections of my own presentation at 16 of every 1957," she writes in her new diary, Christine Truman to Serve.  

Truman was - still is - the most youthful British semi-finalist in the ladies' singles since Lottie Dod in 1887. 

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