CNN report confirms Secret Service exchange in Trump's motorcade

A DC cop has told the House select board about a warmed exchange past President Donald Trump had with his Secret Service detail 

After he was educated he was unable to go to the US Capitol after his show, a source said.

During the motorcade on January 6, a Metropolitan Police Department official saw what was seen by board subject matter experts, as per a source.

A delegate for the board declined to comment. A delegate for Metropolitan Police Department didn't expeditiously answer comment. 

Former White House partner Cassidy Hutchinson's June statement depicted an irate exchange between Trump and his Secret Service detail.

Hutchinson said that she heard a gave over account told to her by then-White House VP of staff Tony Ornato 

Trump was so enraged at his Secret Service detail for frustrating him from going to the Capitol upon the appearance of the defiance

Using his free hand, he ran toward" his Secret Service lead expert Robert Engel to grab the directing wheel.