Colin Kaepernick girlfriend birth child

Nessa Diab Girl girlfriend  of Colin Kaepernick, 

announced the birth of first child  on Sunday after a long time.

Colin Kaepernick recently became a father of the former san Francisco 49 ers .

Thriugh social media kaepernick and nessa diab  

announced the birth of their first chid on sunday afternoon.

Diab and Kaepernick bagans dating in 2015 who announced reportedly.

In a few weeks ago the child welcome to the world and also they give more information soon.

Kepernick was football player but he is still a free agent since he played blackball from the NFL.

During the 2016 season he vegans protesting the national anthem.

Kepernick had “great”shape while he went well before he going he done five hours workout in las vegas in may.