Musk hid this critical information from his own data scientists after discovering that there weren't many bots on Twitter. 

By Asha 

September 28,2022

Twitter has sued to drive him to finish the procurement and the case is making a beeline for court in Delaware in October. 

Both discoveries by Musk's picked firms are "a lot of in accordance with Twitter's cases," a legal counsellor for the organization said. 

"None of these examinations somewhat upheld what Mr Musk told the Twitter parties and told the world in the end letter he presented on July 8. 

"This might be a sketchy contention in light of the fact that 11% bots is still essentially higher than Twitter's own estimates.  

Twitter has said that it explored and tended to Zatko's cases when he raised them during his year working at the organization. 

it is currently searching for any association between Zatko and Musk or his advisors.  

While the hypothesis proceeds that an out-of-court settlement could occur between the different sides, the case is as yet booked for a five-day preliminary starting Oct. 17. 

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