curry jayson tatum pick and roll film breakdown

NBA tweets land of hot takes and eyebrow comments its honest to agendas its truth is before becomes reality.

During the NBA finals Spectrum of emotions is a justified display on pick and roll from Stephen curry.

Vedio was long lines of curiosity with personal reactions to make sure biases and human memory do not deceive me .

Its stage noted both golden state warriors and Boston Celtics during playoffs 29.-0 pick amd roll per 100 positions warriors and 33.5 celtics.

comparing both stars who ran during the regular season ranked in the 77 th percentile and middling 56th percentile disappointing 42 nd percentile.

while being intentional in lieu of taking the ball hard to the rim .8.7% turnover percentage and 15.0%running pick and roll.

Curry since matured not only select pick and roll but overall weapon 34 years old ;legend in the game climbing all time highest echelon.