Dave Chappelle has uncovered that he's ruled against having the theater at his previous secondary school named after him after plans for him to turn into the scene's eponym were initially set up.

The standup joke artist disclosed his perspective with regards to this issue Monday night while he was visiting Washington, D.C. for a commitment service of the setting at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, his institute of matriculation. 

While Chappelle reaffirmed that he accepted reactions against him weren't useful, he additionally expressed that he didn't maintain that his name should be on the theater assuming that would divert understudies.

Rather than the understudy theater bearing his name, the space will rather be known as the Theater for Artistic Freedom and Expression.

Delegates for Chappelle couldn't be promptly gone after remark.

The school had at first made arrangements for a naming service with Chappelle last year, however the commitment was deferred after the comic turned into the subject of an influx of contention from individuals

what's more, partners of the LGBTQ+ people group for utilizing language depicted as transphobic in his 2021 Netflix extraordinary "The Closer."

All the more explicitly, Chappelle likewise turned into the subject of analysis from certain individuals from Duke Ellington's understudy body in November when he visited the grounds.

 A few understudies scrutinized the jokester straightforwardly in regards to his excusal of the analysis he's gotten from LGBTQ+ people.

"I'm 16 and I believe you're puerile, you dealt with it like a kid," 

one understudy purportedly told Chappelle at that point.

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