Depp 's legal team needed a women prospective in amber heard camille vasquez feelslucky to join

Camille vasquez feels girl must needed in this case

Vasquez is feeling lucky to join in the legal team

Depp's trial against amber heard she was victim of domestic abuse vasquez was part of it

Vasquez said that it was almost 5 years completed she had worked for depp so it was very important for her most personal to the actor in a teaser clip of interview with Cb

Vasquez told the host gayle king in the teaser clip the case is about women perspective and she told she was lucky to do this job

It may hard work and luck of mine vasquez mentioned vasquez also worked in attorney benjamin in depp 

highly published defamation case against heard at a fairfax country court in virginia

Depp sued heard for defamation over dec 2018 washington post she implied she wasa survivor of sexual and domestic violence

Vasquez become internet celebrity and then she promoted to law firm brown rudnick

she has taken an another legal case of depp  The rumours that they were dating sexist vasquez denied being in a romantic relationship with depp